What To Look For When Buying Used Cars

[I:http://www.world-hotels-travel.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/IanScottsman1.jpg]If you are on a small budget but want to get yourself another car, then you could always check out the variety of used cars currently on the market. Shopping for a vehicle of this type needs to be done carefully as there are many pre-owned vehicle that are not in great condition and you might end up buying a car that gives you endless hassles.

When you look for a second hand car, one of the first things to check is its service history. This will give you a better idea of whether or not the car was serviced at regular intervals and what the running condition of the vehicle is. A complete service history is often a good indication that the car is mechanically sound.

The body and paint work of the vehicle is also something that must be carefully inspected. F the body work is uneven or the paint differs slightly in shade or color, you can be sure that the car was involved in an accident or bumped and was repaired.

A dirty engine is also something that can give you an idea of the condition of the vehicle. Usually if an engine is greasy or oil it shows that it has been worked on regularly or shows that it is leaking oil or other fluids. If this is the case, check to see if there are any freshly formed puddles of fluid or oil under the vehicle. If there is, do not even consider buying it.

While inspecting the car, get inside and check the condition of the interior, Things to look out for are any broken or loose switches or buttons, the vehicles mileage as well as any tears, cracks or burn marks in the upholstery or panels.

To determine how used cars run, it is a good idea to take them on a test drive. This will allow you to test the brakes and see whether or not the transmission is still sound. Other things to test while driving the vehicle is the lights, windshield wipers and any other electronics such as the heater and the air conditioner.

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