What Are the Best Holiday Destinations for Families on a Tight Budget?

The credit crunch and spending cuts have had a considerable effect on family finances, and holidays might seem unnecessary luxuries, but it is still possible to enjoy a trip overseas on a budget. Many travel agents have early-season sales, and bargains can be found on the internet. While a holiday in Britain can save on air fares, fine weather cannot be guaranteed, so a wet break will not only be miserable but also expensive, paying for rainy-day amusements.

The Eurozone has become increasingly expensive with the pound sterling almost at parity with the euro in recent years, so investigating holidays in countries with other currencies could result in a much cheaper vacation. Turkey, where Europe meets Asia, has long been popular, especially its glorious Turquoise Coast at the confluence of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, and many tour operators offer good bargains.

An increasingly popular trend is the all-inclusive holiday. Many tour operators now include these, with Thomson, for instance, offering a wide range of holidays with less than five hours flying time, including Benidorm, Ibiza, Gran Canaria, Rhodes and Paphos. While the initial costs may seem greater than for a traditional package holiday, food, drinks and entertainment come at no extra cost, and holidays often include such activities as windsurfing and tennis.

The euro’s value has been slipping against the pound for several years, so perhaps it is time to look outside the Eurozone for more affordable holidays. After the unrest caused by the Arab Spring, which has alarmed tourists, North African countries like Tunisia offer a more unusual destination at bargain prices, with a three hour flight adding to its attraction. The Egyptian Red Sea resorts like Sharm-el Sheikh are also trying to attract holidaymakers back.

All-inclusive holidays can rival the package for value and are available in many European resorts within five hours flying time. With meals, snacks and drinks covered, they can be cheaper even than self-catering as money is saved on eating out. Activities such as windsurfing, kayaking, cycling and tennis are often included as are gentler activities like movies, dance shows and cookery demonstrations. With everything paid in advance, there should be no nasty surprises for the budget-conscious family.

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