Vacationing On Cape Cod With The Family

These days it is not always easy finding a family appropriate vacation destination. Thankfully Cape Cod, MA is not such a place. Cape Cod is a family friendly whale watching, fishing and beaching destination.

For families interested in seeing an actual whale, they are in luck at Cape Cod. Many Cape Cod harbors host whale watching boats that venture to places like Stellwagen Bank and Provincetown. These two areas are hot spots for whale activity.

The rarest whale in the sea, the right whale, often ventures deep inside Cape Cod Bay. However the most common whale species seen during trips is the humpback. Pilot whales, dolphins, seals and tunas can also occasionally be spotted throughout the course of a single trip.

Cape Cod has plentiful beaches for beach bums. Children and families will find Cape Cod Bay’s tranquil surf and calm currents pleasing. More enthusiastic surfers can target the south side of Martha’s Vineyard as well as the National Seashore. With an easterly wind the outer Cape Cod beaches can produce quite the swell.

Many of Cape Cod’s beaches are made up of a fine white sand. Certain areas of the Cape actually look tropical at times. Barnstable Harbor’s tidal flats as well as Monomoy Island are two areas that come to mind. The turquoise water at these two locales is a sight to be seen.

Folks interesting in fishing Cape Cod will not be disappointed. Cape Cod is home to a robust recreational and commercial fishing community. Striped bass, bluefish, flounder and Bluefin tuna (to name just a few) can all be found swimming off the Cape Cod coastline.

Any families interested in chartering a fishing boat will have plenty of options at their finger tips. Many boats tailor to families, while other tailor to hard core fishermen.

Shore bound anglers can target big stripers and bluefish from many of the Cape’s best swim beaches. The Cape Cod Canal is also another hot spot. Each year the Canal boasts some of the best striped bass fishing in the region.

Cape Cod also has many options for non-fishermen. Bars, restaurants and sporting events round out the top list. The Cape Cod Baseball League is one of the most exciting and pro-producing amateur leagues in the nation.

A wide range of bars and night clubs can also be found off Cape Cod. For the 20 something crowd downtown Hyannis and Falmouth offer good opportunities for mingling. Older generations will enjoy the eclectic atmospheres of Chatham, Nantucket and Provincetown.

Summer will be here soon for sure, considering it is currently April of 2012. This past winter’s weather was extremely mild, so hopefully this summer’s weather will be ideal.

And be sure to not discount the off season on Cape Cod! A lot of fun can be had from October – April.

Cape Cod fishing is best from May through October. The author writes regularly about Cape Cod and the Islands.

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