Truth That Many People Should Know About Airplane Tickets

If you are looking for good customer service then an airline is certainly not the best place to look for it. It doesn’t seem to be in their list of priorities at all and although this is not known to all, their typical practice of booking more passengers than what they can actually handle on a flight is a clear testament to that. They won’t hesitate to book more than 10 or 15 passengers knowing that they’ll end up bumping passengers should they all go through with their booking which is usually the case especially during busy seasons.

So don’t waste your time should you find yourself in such a predicament wondering how is it that you are left with no seat in a flight you’ve booked hours or even days ago. You’ll most likely be presented with pretty convincing reasons for it but it’s clear to see that you are a victim of the airlines cutting corners somewhere.

Now there are actually regulations enforced by the FAA that sanctions such occurrences but not many passengers are actually aware of this. Looking into these regulations and how they can benefit you as a passenger can certainly enable you to make the best out of the situation.

If you regularly travel by air, you might have noticed that there are times that airline personnel make an appeal over the intercom for anyone who is willing to be bumped from that particular flight. They typically do these before resorting to bumping a passenger.

It’s a rare occurrence though that you would actually find anyone willing to volunteer to such a thing without any good reason. Thus do not count on this to possibly bail you out of being bumped although it does sometimes happen and allow the airlines to sort out inconveniences.

Now let’s say that you’ve just been bumped as a passenger, what exactly are the things entitled to you for such a predicament? Well that depends on one thing; the two hour time frame. What I mean by this is that airlines are liable to issue one-way tickets to bumped passengers. The ticket’s value depends on whether they were able to get you to your destination within two hours after your original time of arrival or not. If they are then you are entitled to a one-way ticket with a max value of $400.

Should it take the airlines more than two hours to get you to your original destination starting from your original time of arrival then you are within your rights to demand that they provide you with a ticket valued at $800.

Now you probably know where this is going right? With an $800 ticket, you can typically fly in first class. It’s the least these airlines can do for such an inconvenience.

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