Travel Made Simple

Passing through security checkpoints while traveling is the cause of great delay. These security measures may seem excessive however; recent terrorist activity has made them absolutely necessary. Everyone wants to feel safe while traveling. You dont want to be on a flight and feel like you are unsafe or in a country that you arent familiar with.

With out proper documentation passing through security checkpoints can cause delays or even denied boarding. Delays are the bane of travelers. No one likes delays, so if we can prevent them or at least make delays last for a shorter period of time, then why not? Even with proper documentation you cannot always fly clear through security.

Now the traveler can make use of a new company called ClearMe. ClearMe can make arrangements for security preapproval. Their service can aid you in avoiding the stress and aggravation of standing in lines for baggage, security checkpoints and boarding throughout the airport.

Wondering how to join ClearMe? First go online to ClearMe and fill out the required information. Then verify your identity with your passport at the airport and then receive your CLEARcard. Next you will proceed to the CLEARcard kiosk. Where you will insert the card and verify your biometric information (fingerprint and iris scan). This will allow you to speed through the airport security and then enjoy your flight.

Reduce the anxiety and stress associated with today’s air travel. Fly clear with ClearMe! The frequent flyers new best friend.

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