Travel Insurance safeguards overcome medical emergency evacuations

Most Cruise Travel Insurance is sold by cruise lines before or when you are about boarding the cruise ship. Some third party insurance companies also sell the cruise insurance package directly to their customers or through a travel agency.

Coverage:There are basically five different kinds of problems covered on cruise travel insurance; Trip delays, Trip cancellations, medical emergency evacuations, emergency medical expenses, and loss of personal effects such as baggage.

Most insurance companies also offer comprehensive insurance packages that take care of other issues such as re-booking reservations and loss of passports. Trip cancellation as a result of illnesses, injuries, and sick family members is believed to account for more than 80% of insurance claims made by individuals.

Cruise service insurance- how much will you pay to get one?:A cruise service insurance provider will basically look at your age as well as the costs of your travelling before you can subscribe to it. In case of costs of trips, most insurance packages normally covers between 6-8% of such trips, some insurance companies may provide covers for lesser amount. You need to compare the costs and coverages of these insurance packages by getting as many quotes as possible from different insurance companies.

Comparing Cruise line insurance policy with third party Insurance services:Cruise line insurance services generally cost less than those offered by third parties, you also get more protection under a cruise line insurance policy but the drawback is that you may never get compensated if the cruise line ceases operation as a result of financial problems, litigations or any other problems,Third party insurance companies will still cover you in such problematic situations.

Secondly, with a cruise service insurance policy, you will only get insurance cover based on the services you purchase from the company, for instance; if you purchase a cruise service ticket from the cruise service company and then purchase your air fare ticket from another company, the cruise service company will not compensate you if you cancel your air fare ticket.

Out of coverage medical expenses and coverage for pre-existing medical conditions are offered by third party insurance companies but not available under cruise line.

In a situation whereby a passenger had to cancel a cruise package as a result of a pre-existing medical condition , such a passenger might be offered a cruise credit instead of cash refunds, a third party insurance company will refund you in cash under a similar situation. A cruise insurance blog offers comprehensive information on similarities and differences between direct cruise insurance program and a third party cruise insurance program.

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