Steps on How to Clear Airport Security

In just a few weeks I will be sitting on a sunny beach enjoying a much deserved vacation. A full week of relaxation is just what I need after such a stressful school year. However, there is one more stressor standing between me and my beach chair, and that is the airport. Nobody likes having to deal with the airport and having to clear airport security. I’ve devised a few tips on how to get through the airport as quickly and pain free as possible.

The first thing you should do to get through the airport easier is to pack wisely. The rules for luggage are much more strict than they were back in the day so the TSA has listed on their website guidelines for what we can and cannot pack. Some items are allowed to be packed in luggage but not in a carry on such as baseball bats, golf clubs and box cutters. Explosives are never allowed to be packed in a carry on or in a checked bag, so leave your fireworks at home. If you are not carrying anything that would cause suspicion, then you will be good to go.

The second best thing you can to do to clear airport security is to dress appropriately. There is no need for you to wear every piece of jewelry you own or make a fashion statement when you need to get on a plane. Dress simply and comfortably. Wear shoes that are easy to remove and put back on because you’ll need to take them off. Avoid wearing a belt or clothing with a lot of metal to avoid having to walk through the metal detector over and over again. If you have any metal in your body for medical reasons, have your card out and ready to go instead of waiting until the last minute and digging to find it.

Not only will you have to go through a metal detector to get past security, but your carry-on bag will have to go through an x-ray machine. Be careful what items you’re bringing onto the plane with you and don’t pack any liquids. You’re better safe than sorry because the allowed amount you can bring is only 3 ounces. Anything more will get taken away. If you pack something that is prohibited and forget to take it out, the security will have to go through and empty your bag to find it, holding up the whole line of not so patient travelers. That’s not a good way to make friends.

The next time you are traveling, keep these tips in mind. The easiest way to get through the airport and its’ security without getting frustrated is to just pack wisely, dress smartly, and avoid the liquids. Now you’re three steps closer to enjoying your long awaited vacation.

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