Some Facts About Beechworth Vineyards And Events

The North Eastern part of Victoria is home to the historic town of Beechworth, Australia. In recent years, this district has become an expanding region of wine production, and a very popular tourist destination. Since the 1950′s the vineyards have been expanding, and now much of the wine production is exported around the globe. Notably, the area was also commended during 2009/10 for its heritage and culture. The following paragraphs explore Beechworth Wineries.

This region was known as the Mayday Hills until 1853, when it was renamed Beechworth. The district was also famous for its major economic and commercial growth during the gold rush years of the mid eighteen fifties. The region has been producing wine since the gold rush years, and there are approximately twenty four wineries in the area. Sitting on the foothills of the Victorian Alps, the area forms part of the group making up the Alpine Valleys.

Many of the vineyards are located on the hillsides and ridge tops, and offer what some would argue, the most stunning scenery. Often family owned and worked for generations, the owners of the vineyards regularly host wine tasting sessions and guided tours. Individuals and groups of visitors are welcome, and some of the wineries offer lunches and entertainment, in addition to opening cellar doors.

It is suggested by some, that the wines produced in this district are of the finest quality in the country. The majority of wines produced here are of the Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Shiraz varieties.

The most widely planted grape throughout Australia, is the Shiraz variety. Consequently, Shiraz wines account for one fifth of all wine grape production in the country. Both nationally and internationally, it is claimed that Shiraz is the most popular of all Australia’s red wines.

Making up only one percent of Australia’s grape crush, the Pinot Noir grape, it is suggested thrives in the cooler climates of Victoria. As such, some commentators claim, that this region produces the finest Pinot Noir wines.

The Chardonnay grape is grown throughout the country, however, it is claimed that the climate around Beechworth, that is, hot days and cool evenings, are perfect for the production of Chardonnay. Exports of this wine, have rapidly increased during recent times, and therefore, Chardonnay from Beechworth, is enjoyed around the world.

The Riesling grape has its roots in Germany, however, it has been planted in Australia for many years. Some would argue, that this specific district, produces some of the best quality Riesling in the nation. Despite its origins being in Germany.

For those that so desire, bio dynamic and organic vineyards can also be found in the region. In order for the wines to be certified as organic, the vineyards have to adhere to a very strict set of standards. Although there is differing opinion, some wine connoisseurs argue that bio dynamic wines are of a higher quality than that of their counterparts.

It is suggested that Beechworth wineries produce wines of distinction, and many are exported around the world. Visitors have the opportunity to explore no fewer than twenty four vineyards, offering lunch and entertainment to groups and individuals alike.

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