So You Want a Learn French Software: These 5 Facts About the Language of Love May Surprise You

If you’ve decided to learn French software is the best way to do it. Researching different programs may not be the easiest task, so in the meantime here are a few interesting facts about French to help you remember why you wanted to learn it in the first place.

The French terms for slang are “argaud” in Frence and “joile” in Quebec. A relatively recent phenomenon, called Franglais, is when French speakers sprinkle their French with English words like week-end, T-shirt and drugstore.

French fries are actually from Belgium. In France, beer is served at McDonald’s, but wine is not. Also, portions are smaller in France than in North America, even the size of a medium softdrink or a BigMac. But don’t take my word for it- plan a trip and check it out for yourself!

Of the eight countries bordering France, France has invaded them all at one time or another. Belgium has been invaded so many times that it is referred to as Europe’s Battleground. Today, part of Belgium speaks mostly French, the rest speaks Flemmish, a dialect of Dutch.

The letter W is only used in foreign words, such as “wagon” (pronounced va-GON with a nice nasal “on”), which comes from German. Otherwise, the French and English alphabets are identical, except a few French letters can have accents. In French, like in Czech, the accent changes the sound of the letter rather than noting inflection.

English speakers may say that French is the laguage of love, but the French say that French is the language of diplomacy. Here’s the proof: French, not English, is the official language of the United Nations, the International Red Cross, NATO, and the International Olympic Committee. Not bad!

So hopefully you’ve been pleasently entertained, now it’s time to get back to choosing your learn french software.

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