Abu Dhabi became one of THE locations for the Twenty-first Century and amongst its key features is Saadiyat Island, a Twenty-seven square mile piece of real estate investment that will be home to pretty much 150,000 people. Laying a mere 5 hundred meters off the shore and linked to the mainland by three bridges the island boasts 12 kms of freeways, a light train system, breathtaking beach locations and architectural mastery that is certainly incomparable.

Saadiyat is really a place to work, relax and have fun playing in modern surroundings that stands apart from any other. It can be a hub for business, a spot to vacation or perhaps a paradise for the nature fan with all manner of birds, fish and animals. It’s only a few moments’ drive from the Centre of Abu Dhabi and around 20 minutes from the Airport rendering it a particularly accessible vacation resort.

Culturally Saadiyat is a melting pot of local cuisine and culture combined with various international flavors and can offer a huge range of attraction to match nearly every need. It offers art venues galore with local museums and galleries evocative of the Guggenheim and the Louvre yet beautifully made with a local angle to sit naturally into the landscape designs. For the activity fan there are actually courses fashioned and built by Gary Player, boating and scuba diving in the sea and swimming with fish.

Home to at least six world class hotel resorts and enough places to eat to satisfy including the most hearty of appetites. Add to that the prospect of a global performing arts center where music, cinema and dance from around the globe can be viewed and the guest will have much to select from.

Abu Dhabi’s Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC) has promises to develop Saadiyat Island into several discrete yet supportive specific zones, each featuring an element of life in this exciting and lively holiday resort;

The Saadiyat cultural district housing museums, galleries and the performing arts centre all getting to present the best of modern and classic art and culture.

Saadiyat Beach with nine kms of totally all-natural sandy beach, a world-class golf course, 9 five star accommodations and a variety of private and public beach clubs.

The Marina featuring its own oceanfront hotel and cafe area, a business district and residential condominiums and also a superbly supplied marina for individuals who choose to arrive on boat.

An amazing Mother Nature reserve that features a championship rated tidal golf course and residential living area.

The promenade set around family style places to stay, resorts bars and eating places.

The lagoons featuring a chance to reside in high class, low-rise rentals in the middle of a tidal lagoon structure supplying a back to Mother Nature atmosphere.

Finally; the Saadiyat Escape providing the visitor a ‘get-away’ approach to chill out in exclusive accommodation and a number of boutique resorts.

Abu Dhabi and Saadiyat Island is able to offer the critical traveler a lot more than a resort it delivers a treasure with many facets, a spot to remember and to linger.

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