Popular Travel Destinations By Car

With open roads across the country, you can reach many exciting travel destinations by car. Whether you like the glamor and neon lights of the big city or the seclusion of a wilderness preserve, the highway system and your trusty automobile can take you to many great places as long as you can afford the gas.

One popular vacation site is the Big Apple. New York City is full of attractions that will delight all varieties of visitors. From Grand Central Station to Ellis Island, the city abounds in landmark sites. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Times Square, Central Park and Lower Manhattan or retreat into the ethnic enclaves of your favorite borough in search of ethnic neighborhoods and New York style food. Driving inside New York can be tricky at first and be prepared to pay tolls when crossing bridges, but the drive will be worth it.

Another fine destination in Washington DC. Travelers can visit the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the Smithsonian. Furthermore, you can see the White House and the Capitol Building.

For those who live too far away to view the Atlantic are attractions, there are equally remarkable places to visit out west. From the showy city of Las Vegas to the glamor of Hollywood, the Western United States has many popular vacation spots.

If you happen to travel to Denver, do not miss the chance to explore America’s natural areas by road. Tourists can drive up to Yellowstone Park in Wyoming and marvel at the teaming herds of elk and bison. Here you can drive the park’s roads in hopes of spotting a grizzly bear or gray wolf. Park at Old Faithful Visitor Center and hike the boardwalk to Old Faithful geyser.

In America, driver’s can reach many exciting travel destinations by car. Popular places range from the country’s magnificent cities to its breathtaking wild areas. Each can be reached by car, and the drive itself is part of the joy of vacationing by automobile.

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