Nothing romantic and dramatic has ever happened through coach hire

There is a really very good purpose why no dramatic or romantic tales have ever been penned about a coach journey: Nothing romantic or dramatic has ever happened via coach hire.

Plentiful are the stories of sailing adventures. Admittedly, this can be partially because of the propensity for ships to sink, which absolutely adds a considerably dramatic aspect. However, even stories which ended with the ship and all of its passengers safely reaching port are rather popular. Numerous men and women compressed into a compact but luxurious space, with all the movement of the ocean and the tang in the salt breeze, the drama of a storm at sea and also the blissful relaxation of a calm Caribbean cruise tends to make for plenty of opportunity for one thing worthy of note to occur.

Stories in the like about rail journeys are much less frequent, but not unheard of. By far the most notable of these is Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. It is, usually, the long-distance sleeper trains where one thing will occur. The result is the fact that, as you trundle at a steady speed via the countryside, the pace of one’s life synchronises together with the rhythm from the wheels on the track.

Even air travel has had some stories written about it. Despite the cramped confines, uncomfortable seats, horrid food, loud engine noise, along with the ever-present concern that gravity could possibly suddenly realise that one thing is amiss and finish your flight ahead of schedule. Being forced to endure such hardships, usually when seated next to a total stranger, can produce unity via shared suffering.

Despite numerous similarities amongst air and coach travel, there has in no way been a story of romance kindled on a bus. It’s a singularly unromantic and unexciting mode of transport, plying the motorways of Europe at slightly beneath the speed limit, sporting the sorts of seats which make price range airlines appear like travelling on a cloud, engine and road noise which will not even have the good decency to remain continual, no food whatsoever (or, worse, motorway service station food), and, within the occasion that the worst ought to happen, an even greater opportunity of death or critical disfigurement than you would suffer in an air accident. Travelling by coach is definitely the most uncomfortable approach to have a uniquely uneventful journey.

There is a really great reason why no dramatic or romantic tales have ever been penned about a coach journey: Nothing romantic or dramatic has ever happened through coach hire .

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