Many Ways To Cruise Chicago

Chicago is one of the highest populated cities in America. Because there are millions of people living and working there, the facilities are important. Although the city is not on the coast, it is on the banks of Michigan, one of the Great Lakes, so some water based activities are on offer, allowing the tourist to cruise Chicago in style.

A range of interests are catered for by tourist companies. They run trips on the river and waterways for sightseeing. One of the best views is the cities famous sky-line, which can be seen from the shores of Lake Michigan.

If you want to celebrate, you can book a dinner cruise. Eating a gourmet meal in the sumptuous surroundings of a luxury ship with entertainment seems far more special that just eating at a restaurant. All the while you have the opportunity to view the changing scenery of the lake and the magnificent views.

The city’s architecture can be viewed on a special river tour. See the many styles from many renowned architects represented in this city, birthplace of skyscrapers. A ninety minute trip shows you the concert pavilion in Grant Park, numerous buildings and a selection of many of the cities movable bridges.

If you are interested in history there is a historical trip running each day. It tells of the city from the days when it was just a swamp. It both shows and tells you about the first ever department store and where it was set up, and where Queen Victoria had a library built, along with many other interesting items of local history.

If an educational or dinner tour is not for you and you prefer the idea of something more exhilarating, you can always opt to Cruise Chicago with a Speedboat ride. Tour guides will point out landmarks and regale you with amusing stories, while you race on Lake Michigan. Another fun speedboat adventure is held at Halloween, where dressed in costume, you will hear the spooky tales of Chicago recounted.

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