Its Not A Narrow Range At The Pines

Pine Valley is a most unique golfing creation. Pine Valley has been referred to as the Apex of a challenging golf course itself almost a Penal Course design. It yields without all that much effort and trouble to the superior golfing enthusiast not too much effort or trouble, however those in the high handicap league will find the whole course length more than a bit challenging.

Yet there have been golfers among the mix who have remarked at the most challenging holes on this golfing course that perhaps they should take a photo of the hole rather than play it. This way at least they might have their memories, yet retain set of golf clubs and balls intact and in order. Never mind their poise and reputation on the golf links and fairways of their travels in the world of sport and recreation.

In one quick glance, the eager golfer saw a beautiful but forbidding hole and he reacted like many with glee.

Variety is endless at this heaven on the golfing tour, adding both to each golfers pleasure or ultimate frustrations. No two tees turn to the same point on the compass and almost every single hole and vantage offers a scenic view that resembles any place but suburban Philadelphia. There are no unnatural hazards, no out of bounds and no hidden bunkers. Every bit of trouble is alarmingly, in view, just as Mother Nature, in her most devilish and beguiling mood might and would have placed it.

It is precisely these tough but fair qualities that have made Pine Valley a most renowned as well as revered course, being a great collection and rare collection of great golf holes itself. It is rare that the name Pine Valley is often spoke of with great reverence among the worlds most experienced and avid golf nuts and enthusiasts.

One of the earliest one-liners dating back to the clubs first decade had been repeated time and time again and applied to holes all over the golf and golfing world. It seemed that an awestruck newcomer finally reached the seventh tee and staring out at par 5 meekly asked Do you play this or take a picture of it on your cell phone ?

Lastly variety is endless and can be counted on for sure at Pine Valley, both adding to every golfers pleasure, challenge and frustration with their day on the fairways of their golfing careers.

Posed for a major upgrade the Lake Manitoba Narrows region is not only a Walley giant jackfish giant Canadian Pike fishing wonderland but will also include major planned for upgrades including a conference hall for sales and marketing conventions , a golf course as well as a whole host of major amenities. Its a short drive from the major center of Winnipeg to the Manitoba Interlake.

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