ICICI Lambard travelers insurance helps meet medical bills when abroad

Usually, you visit abroad to have fun on your holidays or for business purposes. Only a simple event such as medical disaster, accident or baggage loss is enough to ruin all of your pleasure. This is why you need travel insurance. The ICICI Lombard travelers insurance can be a great solution for you because some certain features make it different and better from other travel insurances.

Having a travel insurance plan can help tremendously when visiting abroad as it lowers the medical and non-medical expenses. As non-medical expenses, trip interruption and passport loss are covered under the plan and as medical expenses, hospitalization cost, repatriation or remains, medical evacuation and accidental death are covered.

Basically, the policy offers same basic coverage comparing with other companies. There are some special features that make it better than travel insurance companies. Special features are service for pre-existing diseases, cashless worldwide hospitalization and hospitalization for Swine Flue/H1N1 influenza.

There is another great advantage of having this insurance policy. It charges you only for exactly the number of days you are travelling. Let’s say you have trip of 30 days, but you want leave in 23 days. So you just need to pay for exactly 23 days.

Purchasing a travel insurance plan is really very simple as well as time saving. Travelers need to complete an online application form to enroll insurance policy. You don?t need to perform any paper work to make online purchase of the policy. For online money transaction, you can use debit card or credit card. Once above procedure is done, you receive an invoice via Email and a hard copy will be sent to your Indian address.

As you well know a policy can be applied by internet so no matter where you are staying. You just need to perform a few clicks to enroll the online application from any part of the world. It can also be enrolled for your parents or relatives.

Wish to renew your existing policy? It is easy. Your policy can be renewed by asking renewal form from the provider. After filling up and submitting the form, you will have to wait for further processing. Your policy will be renewed once it is approved by the provider.

ICICI Travelers Insurance Benefits are outnumbered. We appreciate if you consider an insurance policy before visiting foreign countries because it can be great support when you are in trouble.

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