How to Pick a Summer Camp

[youtube:pTbm0BuWg84;[link: Summer Camp] ;] Clearly, none of the Summer Camp meets the needs of every children. Therefore you must do some research to find the right summer camp for your child. Much of this research can be done right from your computer. Here is a list that will assist you to find the best summer camp.

Camp Size: The level of program organization will determine the extent that the size of a camp matters. While you don’t want a camp that is so small that your child is limited in activities or friends, you also don’t want a program where your child is lost in the shuffle. The issue is not only numbers, but more importantly, how the camp breaks down the campers into manageable groups. Too small a camp can mean cliques can form, leaving children out, while a large camp may be intimidating to a first time camper. When a program is too large, it becomes harder for the camp to offer all-inclusive activities, like campfires and cookouts. These circumstances make it difficult to build a sense of camp unity and spirit. Also, in a smaller camp you tend to know the Director more closely and feel comfortable asking question or just calling to see how your camper is doing.

Coed Camp: If you have children of the opposite sex, it can be easier if you can find one camp that suits them both. The mechanics of getting children off to different programs may be too complicated. Coed camps can be less competitive than single sex camps. Because there is a more social atmosphere in camp the intensity of play is reduced. A good coed camp will focus not on coed relationships but on coed friendships. This can be an important part of becoming a mature adult.

What About Friends? Should at-home friends go to the same camp? Going to camp with a close friend can lessen pre-camp jitters and to some extent, lessen homesickness, but when best friends are bunk-mates, it can complicate adjustment to camp. Some things to consider are: * Friendships may not be able to survive the effects of living together 24 hours a day. * An old friendship can limit the development of new relationships.* If one child is having more trouble adjusting, the other may feel responsible for ‘taking care’ of her friend and ensuring her happiness.* Jealousy can develop if one camper begins to bond with others, leaving her friend out.* It’s important to ask the camp what they do to help new campers feel comfortable.

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