Holidays in with family on a nice place

While at work, we must not forget to take a break occasionally to enjoy with our families and friends. By doing this, it will help boost our ability to improvise our professional career. The best option is to go on a beach holiday.

You might have heard of the famous proverb ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Well, if we can let our children play in between their studies in order to refresh themselves once they begin their studies again, why cannot we practice the same strategy at work?

Once we complete our college and start a new career by joining a firm, it is considered as a great achievement. But remember, there is a must for leisure time during working hour’s in order to boost our performance.

That is the main reason why many companies have a 5 days working week where Saturdays and Sundays are holidays allowing their employees to enjoy with their family for 2 long days.

In the Gulf countries, the weekly holidays are Fridays and Saturdays while Sunday becomes their 1st working day of the week. In either case, 2 days off per week is allowed. This will allow all the employees go out with their families to beaches or long drives and be in a relaxed mood.

We have to balance between our professional career and family life. Many of us fail to realize that and in the end what usually happens is that we tend to give priority to one – either work or family.

Well, both are equally important. We must remember that by giving priority to work helps us make more money. What is the use of earning so much when on the other hand we are neglecting our family members? Can we buy happiness with money? NO.

We must never disregard our professional career & prioritize only our family. This can lead to disaster. We will not have money to buy basic needs and this can lead us to frustration. It is therefore very important to adjust between family and work properly. And when you plan your holidays with your family members, do not forget to visit all the great beaches in Asia.

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