Gold Coast Accommodation Guide For Any Need

The Gold Coast, in southern Queensland, is Australia’s favourite playground. This tropical paradise is a magnet for Australians and overseas visitors alike who are looking for fun in the sun and the excitement of the Gold Coast nightlife. Whatever your budget, from a bunk in a backpackers lodge to a penthouse suite in a high rise, there is a Gold Coast accommodation that is perfect for you.

Queensland lies on Australia’s tropical north-eastern coast. The Gold Coast is on the southern border. If you’re coming by car or plane from New South Wales, you will enter via the Coast’s southernmost city, Coolangatta.

The Coolangatta area is a renowned surfer’s destination and every year thousands of surfers from around the world gather there to tackle the waves. The most famous breaks in the area include Snapper Rocks, Rainbow Bay and Kirra. Because it is a haven for young surfers, Coolangatta has many backpacker’s accommodations and caravan and tent parks. The beaches fronting these breaks are popular with families, too and there are many hotels and motels for families in the area.

The most famous part of the Gold Coast is called Surfers Paradise. It is an ironic name, because the long stretch of beach in this area doesn’t have the kinds of waves most surfers are looking for. It is more of a sun baker’s, shopper’s and swinger’s paradise than a surfer’s paradise. If you’ve seen an aerial photograph of the Gold Coast’s high rises, you have been looking at Surfers Paradise.

Some of the area’s most luxurious hotels are in this area. However, because there is something for everyone here, you can also find inexpensive motels, hotels and other more modestly priced Gold Coast accommodation, too. Families often base themselves in Surfers Paradise because the many theme parks on the Gold Coast are located nearby.

Only a few kilometres from the hustle and bustle of the city centre is the enormous Marine World theme park. There are so many attractions there that many families opt to stay at the hotel on the park grounds. They find so much to do at Marine World that many families don’t even leave the park and hotel grounds for the duration of their stay on the Gold Coast.

Instead of a hotel or motel, many people choose a high-rise condo as their Gold Coast Accommodation. A condo or apartment has the advantage of including a kitchen, two or more bedrooms and a large living area. Usually, these also have gyms, saunas and pools as well, so you can enjoy all the comforts of home plus more while you’re enjoying the Queensland sun. These condos can be remarkably inexpensive, too, as compared to high rise hotels. Often, the owners live out of state and only use them for a few weeks or months per year.

The best way to find the perfect Gold Coast Accommodation is to look online. Whether you are travelling from elsewhere in Australia or from overseas, you are sure to find exactly what you want at a Gold Coast website. Make all the arrangements online and when you get to the Gold Coast, your dream accommodation will be there waiting for you.

If you are busy seeking for a little time away, perhaps to a surfers paradise accommodation, you may need to know more about gold coast accommodation.

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