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Not all people enjoy traveling because they hate to fly. Me on the other hand, I love it. There is nothing more exciting to me than stepping foot on that airplane and getting ready to travel the world. I’ve been very fortunate in my life to have been able to travel not only nationally but internationally. I’ve traveled alone, with friends, and with family and each one of these trips has provided me with unforgettable memories as well as lessons on what to do and what not to do when traveling. A certain vacation with my family that comes to mind has taught me a great lesson and makes me glad I now use Clear Me.

Now nobody likes dealing with airport security because there is nothing enjoyable about itunless you’re traveling with my family. One of my absolute favorite stories stems from a vacation to Bermuda with my family a few years ago as we were going through security. Now I’m sure you all know how intense airport security is now, it’s always all over the news. There are many more rules and restrictions, and you have to make sure to place your bags in the x-ray machine, along with pretty much everyone else except for the clothes on your back.

This one particular trip while we were on line for security the people behind us were getting antsy. My dad, a typical man, had a lot of stuff to empty out of his pockets and his shoes were giving him a hard time, so he was trying to get his stuff into the bin as quickly as he could. Well he forgot to remove his belt and the metal detector lit up. Security asked him to step aside so that they could search him. Now this is the part that makes me laugh. My dad has shed a few pounds and for reasons I can’t understand he decided to wear pants that day that were too big on him. He was asked to remove his belt and of course his pants kept falling down. What was even funnier was the security trying to politely ask him to keep his arms out every time he tried to keep his pants from falling all the way.

My mom and I real couldn’t do anything to help, so we just stood and laughed. My dad was a great sport, even joked about it himself. However, as disappointed as I am not to be able to have any more stories like this to share, my dad is grateful we discovered a program that lets you whiz by security without any hassles. You can read more about this service by clicking here.

That was the year I learned what you choose to wear on a plane is an important decision. It’s not smart to dress to the nines, wear things that contain a lot of metals, or wear shoes that lace up to your thighs. Dress in a casual manner and make your life easier by wearing slip on shoes and pants that fit. Getting through security will be much less of a hassle and you’ll be off to a great start for your trip.

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