Five wallet-friendly activities to do in Hong Kong

It’s easy to chalk up a sizable expense in Hong Kong, there are still an abundance of things to do that will not have you deepening your pockets!

1. Experience the Adrenaline of a Horse Race

There is an exhilarating atmosphere on a horse race evening at the Happy Valley Race Course in Hong Kong Island (Close to Causeway Bay MTR). The flood lights from the race course blind out the sky scrapers lingering in the background resulting in a bursting effect upon the stadium.

At 10 HKD entry and another 10 HKD for a chance to bid on a winning horse, you will have an engaging night in Hong Kong. You just might win additional survival money for extended stay in Hong Kong!

2. Walk to the peak of Saan Deng (Victoria Peak)

A ride on a cable car to the top of Hong Kong Peak for breathtaking views over the complete bay is one of the city’s biggest draws. A round trip on the cable car is available at the cost of 33 HKD.

For the more adventurous, it is possible to hike it – AT NO COST! Though it is steep at times, the path is a breeze to follow and is well worth the exercise and sensational views of the city while gaining elevation. The walk to the Peak ought to take under an hour. In addition there are ample other hiking opportunities in Hong Kong, hidden away close to the concrete jungle itself.

3. View the Hong Kong Skyline Laser Show

Cliche, but nevertheless there’s never been an individual who has visited Hong Kong as a traveler and didn’t stop briefly to enjoy the sky line. Overlooking the bay at Hong Kong’s sky line at day or night is definitely a sight that will make anybody miss a few breaths in amazement.

The enchanting laser show commences at 8 pm daily.

4. Venture into the Chungking Mansions

When it comes to world culture, there are not many places in the modern world that are as interesting as the Chungking Mansions.

Think of the whole world coming together in one building – all with business in their minds. You will be able to virtually sense transactions and deals floating from culture to culture in the air.

The ground floor is packed with everything from aromatic Bangladeshi curry diners to passe cell phone dealers. The upper levels are populated with budget guest houses.

Right next to the Chungking Mansions is a second complex recognized for international business and budget lodging, the Mirador Mansions.

5. Eat Dim Sum (Yum Cha)

Having Hong Kong’s most internationally renowned delicacy does not usually come free of charge, but it undoubtedly would not have been the same to go to the city without at least a couple brunches worth of dim sum!

Dainty bamboo steamers filled with all kinds of dumplings, petite plates of tasty looking assortments, and edible artistic creations are what make dim sum such a wholesome culinary experience.

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