Fear Airports No More! Flyclear Has All of The Answers

Everyone has a fear or a phobia. Some are afraid of spiders, some are afraid of clowns and some are even scared of thunder. My fear is airports; not planes, I can’t sit on a rocking plane just fine. I can’t deal with the airport sceneat all. Luckily flyclear has come to my rescue.

I am getting older now, which means more freedom to do what I please! This means time to travel and discover the world. My first idea was California and I booked the trip ASAP. Everything was in order; I had the hotel, the tourist attractions and the suitcases packed. I was ready to go, except I had to unpack one suitcase because six was just too many.

I was set and super pumped to go. That was until I realized that driving to California is not the best idea. Driving across the United States is going to take forever and my boyfriend was not OK with this. He decided to book a flight without my knowing. The plus is that he paid for the flight; the minus was I was going to have to go through with this. Me in an airport! I could feel the anxiety rising. All I could picture was the people running frantically to catch their flight, the security lines filled with impatient people, and me having to remove everything metal. I have earrings that I do NOT want to take out! What if something of mine gets lost? What if I get trampled by the runners? What if they don’t let me on the plane? The deep breathe tactic is not working!

The day was here and I was terrified. I didn’t think it was fair that I could no longer enjoy my much anticipated trip all because my boyfriend just needed to take a plane. Sweat was pouring off my forehead, drenching his seatsgood. I blame him for this! The airport was in sight now and it was huge! What if we get separated? I’d be a goner, never to be found again. My boyfriend knew it was time to reveal a trick he had up his sleeve. He purchased a package from Clear Me. My fears were fading; I suddenly had one less thing to worry about. We would be able to pass the security lines. Because of this, I wouldn’t have to run to my flight, get trampled, or remove my earrings.

The trip turned out to be wonderful. Why let a negative airport experience ruin an entire trip? Either try and get over your fear of airports (good luck with that) or just get special privileges to cut lines.

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