Exploring Malaysian Culture: Malaysia: An Oriental Tourist’s Haven and an Anthropologer’s Delight!

Wikipedia, the encyclopedia says: “the history of Malaysia is a relatively recent offshoot of the history of the wider Malay-Indonesian world”. It is so because anthropologists and historians could see very little aspects culturally and linguistically, to distinguish today’s Malaysian territories from the lands of the Malay Archipelago. According to their research, today’s division of the Malay world into six different states– Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei and East Timor – is largely the result of external influences, like the Hindu India, the Islamic Middle East and Christian Europe (west), China and Japan (north-east).

Bangkok tourism offers you to the chance discover Bangkok’s beautiful, gleaming temples and the magnificent grand palaces. Get lost in the ancient Siamese history with river cruise to the famous ruins of Ayuthaya, the Kingdom of former capital.

But if you want to delve deeper and explore Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage then a trip to the Southern state of Johor would be a good idea. Here, one can witness trance-inducing Kuda Kepand dances in Muar along with stirring ghazal music that will soothe your mind, body and soul. Participate in the chanting of hymns along with other devotees and you will surely feel relaxed, refreshed and invigorated.However, if it is some sun, sand and serenity that you are looking for then Penang is one destination that you should visit in Malaysia. Blessed with glorious sunshine and fresh air, Penang is not only famous for its beaches but also houses numerous temples, mosques, museums & art galleries that highlight the pluralism of Malay society.

Singapore is one of the most fascinating countries in South East Asia. Choose from the packages offered by Singapore tourism and experience the great sights and attractions of Singapore. Great shopping and delicious food is the major attraction of Singapore, it is also famous for scrupulously clean surrounding and very strict administration. Singapore being a cosmopolitan city and has all the ingredients for perfect vacation. While in Singapore you can visit Sentosa Island, learn about the interesting history of Singapore.

Tourists who return from a tour of Malaysia often confess that the place has a certain magnetic appeal about itself and you will feel like coming here again and again. If you are one of those who are yearning to get cheap airline tickets to Exploring Malaysian Culture Malaysia then we suggest that you contact a Malaysia expert travel agent who would be your best bet as you will get the best fares for all low cost flights to Malaysia.

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