Discovering The Best Beechworth Food And Drink

Australia is a beautiful part of the world that receives many visitors. A popular stop in an Australian tour is Beechworth which is rich in history and tradition. It has four seasons making it possible to have Great Beechworth food and drink from the steady supply of fruits and vegetables that are available all year round.

The honey that is produced from this are is rated the best in the country and abroad. Started in the earlier days of the gold rush when a former mines worker made more money making and exchanging honey for real gold found in the mines. The factory has remained in his family till now and there are tours that give the experience of the processes of making honey to many people.

Another renowned feature is the bakery because of its history and products. The bakery has the best bread, cakes and pastry that are not easily found in many places. It has been made more popular because its owner has become a known motivational speaker who travels to many parts of the world, encouraging people who are interested in starting bakeries with his successful methods.

Most restaurants and cafes are open all year round. Finding breakfast, lunch and elaborate dinners is easy and affordable. The coffee shops and tea houses provide good outdoor eating on the premises or one can choose from the take out menu which is available. The cafes are situated in many places all over the town and offer food at reasonable prices.

There is a well established brewery that produces both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. It was originally set up near a source of pure mountain spring water so that it had a constant supply of this commodity that is vital for mixing drinks. This has resulted in high quality beverages that have won many national and nearly all sort after international awards.

Family run and owned wineries have also been set up in this area. Wineries enjoy the perfect mountain climate with high daytime temperatures and cooler nights which are essential for growing good quality grapes. They are able to recreate good wines from Italy and French wines. All types of wines are available sparkling, still and fruity wines enabling people of different tastes to find something suitable.

Someone also made full use of the weather and planted more than two hundred oil producing trees. The grove now produces excellent olive oil but there is extra income earned from people paying to walk about and enjoy seeing the trees. Olive oil is a good ingredient used both in food and wine production. It has many health benefits and it is therefore a preferred choice.

When most of the products are found locally, the quality of Beechworth food and drink is good. Fresh products provide more nutrition as comparing to processed food that is full of preserving agents that affect its value. As most bigger businesses have remained in the same families for many years, the benefits are more appreciated by customers today.

Karl Larkins is considered to be a long time Beechworth resident along with an interest in regional challenges. Karl works as a contract correspondent and is in addition a frequent image contributor to an array of tourism magazines. Karl’s Independence tends to make him the proper narrator for any Beechworth inquiries.

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