Considering Where To Go On Holiday, Give Sydney Australia A Try

The largest city in Australia with a population of about four million is Sydney. The “Harbour City” is actually an inlet to the Tasman Sea. The city was created in 1788 and is the first British colony. It is the state capital of New South Wales. Sydney Australia is world famous for the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney’s climate is a wonderful mix of warm summers and cool winters. January has the highest temperatures in the high seventies. July being the coldest month typically has temperatures in the low forties. Rainfall occurs and the city receives almost fifty inches of rain per year. The most rain falls in March.

Attractions abound in Sydney. A visitor will not get bored. There are many museums to visit as well as the zoo. The beach is popular. The Sydney Opera House is a must see as well as Royal Botanic Gardens. Whatever your interest is, Sydney can provide the activity to fill your time.

A popular summer destination is Bondi Beach. The sun and the surf call to the people who want that wonderful tan. Bondi Beach offers waves and gorgeous white sand. When needing a break from the sun and surf, there are many shops and restaurants to enjoy. Bondi Beach is approximately a half an hour from downtown Sydney.

One of the most famous pieces of architecture in Sydney is the Sydney Opera House. Opened in 1973, the opera house offers continuous entertainment such as the Sydney Dance Company, Australian Ballet and the Australian Chamber Orchestra. The opera house offers guided backstage and guided walking tours to the public for a fee. There are also many performances to see so book early.

The Taronga Zoo is a fun way to spend the day. The zoo is on the waterfront and can be travelled to by water ferry. There are many different types of animals housed there. They come from all over the world. A visitor can expect to see from local koalas to cobras and even lions. There are many educational programs. The zoo often hosts sleep at the zoo nights as well as programs for children during the holiday seasons.

Any plant lover will be enthralled with the Royal Botanic Garden. These gardens are gorgeous and just magnificent. All types of plant and flower life abound in the Royal Botanic Garden. The garden offers many programs to the community. There are self guided tours as well as guided tours available. Some of the walking tours occur midday. The Royal Botanic Garden is located near the Opera House.

Sydney Australia is a city that is definitely worth the visit. Attractions abound and there are so many different activities to choose from to occupy your time. Whether a person would like to lie on the beach, get up close and personal with wild animals, listen and watch beautiful artistic performances or walk through beautiful gardens, Sydney is a destination that offers many wonderful ways to spend a vacation.

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