Child Friendly Cruises

You have been working your socks off. You are exhausted and in need of a well earned vacation. Does this sound like you over the last few months? After all that time dealing with the stresses and pressure of your job a nice relaxing cruise could be just what you need. Imagine yourself walking around exotic locations soaking up the culture and scenic beauty before heading back to your cruise ship for rest and relaxation between destinations. Luxury accommadation mixed with good food and exotic locations makes for a relaxing holiday that you will never forget.

I’d hate to spoil the pleasant and peaceful vision of cruise ship bliss you are having, but it is time to inject a little bit of reality. The charming little cruise bubble you have built yourself can easily be popped by hordes of noise splashing children ruining your pool time. One of the few things that will put a downer on your perfect cruise holiday is the sight and sound of older kids charging around the ship like they own it. When times like those come around your dream of a peaceful relaxing vacation can seem a little nave.

If you have kids then you know that children don’t make a vacation a quiet peaceful experience. If you are blessed with children then you know how draining a vacation with your blessings can be. Even if you don’t have kids of your own you may see parents experiencing the joys of a vacation with their family. A group of pre-teen can really put a damper on the plans and dreams you had of a relaxing and luxurious cruise.

This does not mean that you should strike a cruise from your list of vacation ideas. You may just need to find an alternative option to make your cruise vacation a solid possibility.

The easiest way is to find a cruise provider that doesn’t offer child specific activities. Families usually plumb for this options as it allows that adults to enjoy themselves whilst the children are being entertained elsewhere on the ship. Another popular choice are cruise lines that have special family offers and deals. Cruise lines offer these deals and special prices as a way to build confidence with younger vacationers so that they are more likely to repeat a cruise with them later on in life and to help them meet the ticket quota for the cruise. Even if they weren’t going to bring them originally many parents actually end up bringing their children once they find out that the cruise has activities that will cater to their needs.

Be aware of the school holiday times and aim to take your cruise during term time. Parents are unwilling to remove their child from school to take them on a cruise so taking your cruise whilst the kids are in school is a good way to minimize the unwanted flocks of screaming pre-teens. If screaming children are not conductive to your relaxing cruise then avoid spring break, summer and Christmas holiday periods.

Avoid choosing Carnival, Disney and Princess cruises as these are a haven from families. These cruise lines tend to be a haven for families as they run programs especially for kids and teenagers. Celebrity, Radisson and Crystal cruise lines offer a more adult experience.

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