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A Few Important Facts People Ought To Know About Novi Vinodolski

Like any other country Croatia receives it fair share of tourists every year. Among the many towns that a person can visit is the Novi Vinodolski. This town is located 180km from Zagreb and is sitting to the south of Crikvenca. It is found on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. This increases its accessibility which is mainly by the rich road network. Major roads that link Croatia with other European states passes near it.

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Reason People Must Visit Kvarner When On Vacation

Kvarner is an amazing place for people who love the outdoors. There are many great places to visit and have a wonderful time. The beach is all natural and in close proximity to a majority of the accommodation facilities available. The allure of the ocean and the sandy beaches makes it a top destination for most people who would like to experience new things.

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