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Private Jet Charter Flights – The Ultimate Travel Upgrade

The comfort ad convenience of a private jet has lured many sophisticated travelers who are seeking only the best in air travel. Some of the perks you will encounter include: comfortable, spacious seats, a fully stocked bar, gourmet meals and the highest of in-flight entertainment. These private jets far outclass the commercial flights with their conspicuous lack of legroom. The level of safety on private jets far out classes what happens on commercial flights. In addition to this it is a more convenient way of traveling. With a private jet there is no line of fellow passengers trying to get on board as well. All you need to do is go to the airport and get onto the jet and you are ready to go to your destination. The charter company can often arrange special services to go with the flight such as ground transport and catering.

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The Oozing Appeal Of Small Hotels

What annoys you about staying in a big hotel? It could be the impersonal service, or the long wait to check in. Maybe it’s the buffet breakfast that’s been under the hotplates for some time, or that your room looks just like all the other rooms you’ve ever been in. Larger hotels have their advantages, but if you’re looking to enjoy your stay, then you might want to stay at boutique hotels.

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