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Abu Dhabi became one of THE locations for the Twenty-first Century and amongst its key features is Saadiyat Island, a Twenty-seven square mile piece of real estate investment that will be home to pretty much 150,000 people. Laying a mere 5 hundred meters off the shore and linked to the mainland by three bridges the island boasts 12 kms of freeways, a light train system, breathtaking beach locations and architectural mastery that is certainly incomparable.

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Abu Dhabi Weather conditions

Mention Abu Dhabi and climate and the most commonly seen reaction is warm and sandy and it’s also true that the region almost never encounters more than around 4.5″ of precipitation across a whole year with just over an inches each of August and September. Yet the standard rain statistic hides a variation which is between zero during the early summer season to approximately 1.2″ in the late summer months. For such a dry region that is a great deal of precipitation and, on average, it comes in around Four days across the month.

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