Australia, Beautiful Backpacking

Australia is one of the most amazing countries you will ever have the chance to see. There are so many things about Australia which make it one of the most highly rated places around the world. From Landscapes, Beaches, Deserts, Reefs and the massive Rainforests.

When you think about traveling Australia there are a lot of things you have to know. Its simple getting a work visa for Australia if you are in the correct age group and do not have any convictions or Jail Records. For the normal traveler you can get An Australian Work Visa for 12 Months very easy. The application for a work holiday visa is all done online and normally approved that day. This is such an easy process compared to getting a Holiday visa for countries such as Canada where you need to get police checks and Driving Checks then you have to send off all your information off to the Embassy back home which usually takes up to 8 long weeks to even hear anything back.

If your not even looking at working whilst in Australia you can simply get a tourist visa for 3-6 months. Obviously with this tourist visa you can not work but this is excellent if you have plenty of cash. I think you would undergo some serious questions whilst heading through immigration though.

There are heaps of different ways to travel around Oz with flights in and around almost every city also bus and train stops along the entire east coast. The best way to do it though is to hire a car and do a road trip along the East Coast which is very popular trip amongst backpackers. Then you have the option to fly across to Perth and travel up north from there. The East Coast has wicked places such as Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Airlie Beach and Cairns.

Melbourne is the one of the coolest places in Australia, it is an absolutely amazing place with St Kilda being absolutely spectacular. You have the Great Ocean Road which you have to visit with Bells Beach and the 12 Apostles.

Sydney is the Surfers Dream, with a lot of nice surf Beaches,with Bondi Beach being a fan favourite. There are some cool areas such as Manly and Randwick and a lot of great restaurants around the Darling Harbour area. Byron Bay is one of the most chilled out places in the world. It is an amazing place and it seems like no one works there, everyone is relaxed and having a great time. There are some nice hostels in the area and some of the bars on the beach are really nice around sunset time. Byron Bay has such a fun vibe which is hard to find. It is also very close to the town of Nimbin which is well known for its weed. You can take the happy bus from Byron Bay to Nimbin Return Daily.

Airlie Beach is the backpackers location of Australia. It is right on the Whitsundays and is one of the most picturesque spots in Australia and the world. The town is dedicated to backpackers and High end travelers so its got a bit of a confusing vibe to the place. But if you can afford to get out on a trip on the water you will forget anything and everything and have a wicked time. Cairns is up North and is the main spot on the Great Barrier Reef. It is a very touristy city with excellent adventure sports there and all the Scuba Diving you can Dream of. Its a really cool spot.

Thats the East Coast summed up, then you have Perth which is amazing and is probably the nicest city in Australia in Summer. Its got all the beaches and Surf you can dream of and is the Gateway to the West Coast. Darwin which is in the top end of Australia is definitely on your list of places to go. Its got excellent fishing and Crocodile watching and is the Gateway to some of the Largest National Parks in the world like Kakadu.

All in all Australia is an excellent place to see and you cant go wrong visiting it.

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