Amalfi Coasts – The Best Place to Enjoy Your Honeymoon

Couples searching for a tantalizing honeymoon destination should prefer to visit Amalfi Coasts. This beautiful honeymoon destination boasts long extended picturesque coastlines in Mediterranean region. The main city is beautifully nestled in the Gulf of Salerno of Campania region. This place has loads of attractions to offer you including olive and lemon groves, beautiful pastel-colored villages with thickly scattered vineyards, sheer cliffs, rocky promontories, deep ravines and towering cliffs. There are also some beautiful seaside resorts and restaurants where couples can enjoy multiple cuisines and drinks at the lively bars. So, couples will find all the ingredients to make their honeymoon a special lifetime occasion.

So, if you are really impressed with the attractions of this destination and looking forward to plan your honeymoon in this destination, then it is very vital for you to know the various means of transport that will help you to reach the destination without much hassle. Airlines is the first means of transport , the closest international airport is The Naples International Airport from where you can take a train or bus to reach Salerno and after that you need to take local transport to reach Amalfi Coasts. Apart from this car rental service is also available that will help you to reach your desired destination and also you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings during your journey to your destination.

Though there are various attractions in this place that couples can explore, but here is the list of some popular attraction that worth a visit during your honeymoon tour.

1. Amalfi Town
This is beautiful small town and one of the popular attractions of Amalfi Coast. Here couples will come to know about the history of Amalfi coasts. The friendly environment of this town entices tourists round the year. Couples can also enjoy various outdoor activities in this town including climbing cliffs and enjoy the panoramic beauty of the seaside town.

2. Positano
This popular city is also known as Vertical City because almost every building of this place is beautifully nestled at the cliffs. From this place couples can enjoy the panoramic views of the sea that offers an aura of paradise.

Here couples can also enjoy some amazing water sports and outdoor activities including surfing and swimming. Watching the beautiful sunset sitting beside your partner in the sea is really a wonderful experience. Couples can also enjoy some fine cuisines in the open restaurants under the glittering stars. There are also some seaside resorts available where couples can enjoy comfortable stay during their honeymoon.

So, we can say that Amalfi Coast is a place that offers everything to the honeymooning couples. Visiting this place will definitely leave you with everlasting memories.

Honeymoon trip is a perfect time to get closer to your partner and discover more love for each other. Planning a romantic trip to an ideal honeymoon destination can help a lot in this regard.

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