Accommodation: Hotels vs Serviced Apartments

Hotels supply the convenience that many travelers need. The facilities they offer are the same as the comforts these travelers have at home, while also experiencing the holiday comforts only hotels can give. Nonetheless if the traveler needs a wider space, or a more cheap accommodation, serviced apartments might be a good option.

Serviced apartments offer the same comforts and benefits hotels do, but without the disadvantages of hotel living. That is, they’re more relaxing because they’re typically more spacious. They have more rooms like a kitchen and more bedrooms that hotel rooms often don’t have. These added rooms give opportunity for you to cook your own food or have separate rooms for kids and parents if you’re all travelling as a family. Furthermore, most serviced apartments have laundromat rooms where you can wash your attire during extended periods of stay.

There are express situations where a serviced apartment would be preferred over normal hotel accommodation. A few of these eventualities include the following:

Longer stays: Serviced apartments are very good for when a family is relocating or if your company is establishing a new project in a different region. If your private residence being refurbished, it can be better to stay in an apartment to get away from the noise and dust. Staying in serviced apartments would also save the traveler a lot of money by preparing their own meals in place of getting food from take away stores.

Travels with family: Business travels with children can actually be frustrating, as they may distract you from critical work. But with serviced apartments, your youngsters can stay in one room with their toys while you have the rest of the rooms to do your work.

Travels with people with special needs. Travelling with the aged or somebody with a disability is much easier in a serviced apartment because it has more amenities than a hotel room.

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